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So what do you do when you’ve defeated everyone on your server and earned all possible titles? Don’t rest on your laurels and get back to training — the Blitz Twister Cup awaits! 

The offline Finals of the Blitz Twister Cup will take place in Prime Hall, Minsk on November 11. Thanks to the visa-free travel for citizens of 80 countries, it will be fairly easy to visit the tournament both for the tournament guests and participants.

Four regions, four teams, 30,000 US dollars

The Finals are a battle between four teams, with each team representing its region (RU, EU, ASIA, and NA). The total prize pool for the offline stage is 30,000 dollars, and the prize pool distribution is as follows:

I place — 15,000 dollars II place — 8,500 dollars III place — 4,000 dollars IV place — 2,500 dollars

So the teams have that to fight for. No tankers will leave the tournament unrewarded!

The preliminaries and top clans from the Hall of Fame

To make it into the Blitz Twister Cup offline Finals, teams need to come first in the preliminaries that start on:

RU — September 17 EU — September 22 NA — September 27 ASIA — October 2

To apply for the preliminaries, players will need Grand Championship tickets. To obtain them, participate in tournament series from now through September 13. 

The top four clans from the “TOURNAMENTS IX–X” list in the Hall of Fame will secure a spot for one team in the final stage of the Blitz Twister Cup preliminaries. These teams won’t need tickets to apply and they’ll have better chances of making it to the offline Finals!

Detailed information about the preliminaries will be revealed shortly, so stay tuned!

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