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“Blitz Twister Cup Week” Special
2017-11-02 15:00:00 / Events

Preparations for the grand Blitz Twister Cup are underway on all fronts. Teams are training and practicing their maneuvers, commentators are working on their diction and getting acquainted with the participants, and we are looking forward to the epic battles of regional champions. For this occasion, the thematic camouflages are back in the game for a short while. This weekend, there will also be discounts for Premium Account and a bonus to Crew Experience!

From November 3, 6:00 (PT), 9:00 (ET) through November 6, 6:00 (PT), 9:00 (ET):

A 20% discount for Premium Account:

3 days — 520 instead of 650; 7 days — 1,000 instead of 1,250.

 A hidden mission:

Objective: fight on Tier V–X vehicles and be among your team’s top 3 players by XP earned. Reward: +20% to Crew XP per battle. From November 3, 6:00 (PT), 9:00 (ET) through November 13, 6:00 (PT), 9:00 (ET):

During this period, you’ll be able to unlock the rare camouflages dedicated to the Blitz Twister Cup international tournament. Choose a warpaint for your favorite vehicle and support your team in the tournament!

Camouflage names: Steel Sentinel, Steel Irbis, Kalhoon, and Psych. +2-4% to concealment on maps corresponding to the selected slot. The bonus depends on the vehicle type. Unlocking — from 35 to 500 depending on the vehicle tier. Camouflage resupply — 0 (for free).

Steel Sentinel

Steel Irbis



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