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Bonjour à tous de France!

The update 9.7 to the game will be added 7 new French tanks: SARL 42, Somua S35, G1 R, Renault R35, FCM 36, AMX 30 and AMX 30B.

branch, which contains the new top tanks of the French nation, begins with two machines Level II: FCM 36 and R35. These tanks, in fact, constitute analogs D1 and H35, available long match. The main difference from existing machines – more bookings and in this connection a little less effective weapons. These machines are intended to be used as a direct support of infantry tanks, which accounts for the differences: increased armor and a few drops of firepower.

For reference, based on the classification of the French armored vehicles, “infantry” tanks were designed to support infantry connections during the assault of the enemy defensive positions. Their main goal – the destruction or suppression of enemy firing points, the protection of infantry counterattacks and overcoming protective structures

Renault R35 – the most popular French tank as of May 10, 1940 – the beginning of the French campaign. Has a superb book for their level (40 mm frontal armor and hull sides, 32 mm feed body, 40mm tower in a circle). In addition, has a very good angles vertical lay: & minus; 16 / + 20.

FCM 36 – the first mass-French tank with a diesel engine. Has a more “modern” look compared to other tanks earlier low levels: in the design of the tank used rational angle of the frontal armor, sides, stern and towers. Very good frontal reservation, particularly in the area of ​​the mask, in addition, has side skirts. On the basis of this machine is created tank destroyer FCM 36 Pak 40 present in the game.

Alternative branch of French medium tanks crowned by two rather interesting machines: AMX 30 and AMX 30B. This moving, poorly armored tanks with an excellent instrument and excellent value angles vertical lay. Commercials are typical representatives of the western school of tank 60s: The machine is designed as part of the terms of reference for the establishment of a common Western European tank.

AMX 30 1er prototype – Pilot Series AMX-30 tanks. In the game plan the machine can be considered as a transitional tank, giving the opportunity to get acquainted with the gameplay features AMX-30B. Features excellent dynamics and a little worse firing characteristics in comparison with his older brother AMX-30B.

AMX 30 B – tanks for combat at medium and long distances. Comfortable and precise instrument with excellent armor penetration and a quick note. The value of vertical lay angles allow efficient use of the terrain as shelters. Due to its mobility AMX-30B can easily occupy key points on maps and conduct effective fire, taking advantage of. Excellent indicator review will help “shine” rivals on their own, which is especially important in the final stages боя.

Особый interest to history buffs tank building represent the first three tanks: it SARL 42, Somua S35, G1 R. This is the “cavalry” tanks of the French army, which are allocated to a separate branch of engineering.

For the record: the cavalry tank units were used as forces the main blow, the purpose of which is the maintenance of mobile, maneuverable fighting

Here is a brief description of the features of these gaming machines and their final performance characteristics.

Somua S35 – the original version of the familiar players Pz.Kpfw. S35 739 (f). The tank has a good book, moderately agile and able to deliver the enemy a lot of trouble due to its gun. Tactics application is no different from his “trophy” fellow of the German branch. It is possible to use as a classic medium tank, using the mobility and a good weapon machine and play on the armor, in the manner of heavy tanks, if you hit the top of the list command.

SARL 42 [1,999,008]. Excellent for its level indicators firepower – armor penetration and damage per minute – 42 SARL make a formidable opponent for single-level cars. Well tank shows itself in the battles at medium or short distances: to conduct effective fire at long range precision weapons is not enough. The large size of the machine is not the best way affects disguise. Like most of the new low-level French tanks, gameplay reminiscent of a mixture of medium and heavy tanks.

G1 R – machine, especially interesting to fans with guns high one-time damage. 105-mm “fugasnitsa” will appeal to many: 410 points of damage explosive projectile for a medium tank level V – very, very serious figure. Has a memorable appearance as with sink tower (like a “grown up” AMX-40), and with a top. Can be considered as the transition between classes machine medium and heavy танков.

New French tanks can be divided into two parts: the entry level machine that will be of interest to fans of the pre-war technology and low-level tank battles, and after the war and 30 AMX AMX 30B. Gameplay “top” of tanks new branch will appeal confident players who prefer to play it safe: analyze the development of the battle and the battle to the enemy to impose on its own terms.

This article was first used by the application to the announcement of the new tank branches. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding its content or structure – share them in the comments.

Good luck in battle and patience in waiting for version 9.7!

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