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In December 2011, I published an article “Brest Fortress” in the Moldovan bank of the Prut look, read ! Since then much water has flowed. Want to know what is happening in that area? Here’s what:
May 6, 2015 turned out to be an eventful day for one of the villages of Moldova – Stoianovca. On this day in the village next stage of the republican action “George Ribbon – 2015” Public Movement “For the Motherland!” . The organizers, together with the villagers in Stoianovca stretched along the length of a record 365-meter St. George ribbon and carried it through the streets Stoianovca.


Participants of festive events were held with a ribbon on the Memorial “Three heroes – guards” to Stojanovski Zastava and laid flowers and wreaths in memory of the defenders of the homeland, who were the first in the Soviet Union took the blow from the enemy.



On the same day in the village of the grand opening of the restored memorial, “Three heroes – the border guards.”


Zastava “Stoianovca” took the first battle in the Soviet Union in 1941. Valiant defenders of 5 Cahul frontier outpost commanded by lieutenant VM Tuzhlova for 11 days in unequal bloody battles killed more than 1,000 German-Romanian soldiers and officers. Zastava assigned the names of three characters – Alexander Konstantinov, Ivan and Vasily Buzytskova Mikhalkov, who in June 1941, heroically defended this part of the Soviet border on the Prut River, for which he was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

70th anniversary of the Victory! We – remember!

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