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Friday March 6 at 20:00 ( MSC) will be an official translation, dedicated to the beginning of the closed beta World of Tanks Generals – card strategy game about exciting tank battles. Do you have a great opportunity to learn about the game first hand, to meet with the developers and get answers to your questions.

Leading translation: Ulan Lightman .
On a visit to come: game producer Olga Alfrina and community manager Dmitry Wizard_WG .

During the broadcast, the developers talk about what World of Tanks Generals, and its differences from other collectible card games, will reveal the secret on what basis are considered forms to participate in the closed beta -test, as well as hand out some invite codes in the award for the most interesting questions.

If you want your question was on the air, leave it in this thread Offline games and Then comes the very translation and call with a friend. It will be fun!

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