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[1,999,002] “Bronekorobochka № 9. Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger Ausf.H1 Japanese version “


You are all well known German heavy tank Tiger I. It is located at the VII level, and is popular among players. Recently, the game has its “brother” – the premium heavy tank “Tiger” with Japanese identification marks. This is the first production version of the tank, tested in battle in 1942 on the Eastern Front. It was then that a new heavy tank and noticed the Japanese have bought a copy of “Tiger” from their German allies as far as we know, so it never received.

Paper model of the tank Pz. Kpfw.VI Tiger Ausf.H 1 comes in a series of “Bronekorobochka.” In the brochure you will find a sweep “Tiger” in the Japanese coloring and camouflage the summer of 1943, corresponding to a tank battle at Prokhorovka. We represent and game version German camouflage – a revision of our brochure by modeller Mikhail Penkovsky.

model can be assembled not only in three versions coloring, but with varying degrees of “copy number”. You are free to choose the complexity of the model, as well as to refine further simple option to more complex.

Simultaneously, the paper model tank “Tiger” offer you glue the original stand-photo frame . The annex to the brochure “Bronekorobochka» № 9a once you find three variants of developments stand: “Hangar”, “Japan” and “Prokhorovka”. [1,999,018]

[1,999,046] Download the brochure .

You can get the Japanese “Tiger” and the hangar itself, taking part in the contest for assembling paper model of the tank series “Bronekorobochka” . Please note that the prizes, participants, in addition to the premium equipment and days of premium account, will receive special diplomas.

Do not forget to share photos assembled models! Also, if you want to build a model of any other tank or get advice from experienced modelers, send photos of models and leave their wishes on the official forum of the game in the under “Modelling” .

Models of the series “The layout of the tank” and “Bronekorobochka” developed by experts World of Papertanks .

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