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Set in the company of 60+ MMO game “World of Tanks” . IS-3 comes with 47%. Commander estestvennno, it does not take. Phrase said childlike voice, forced to lie the whole company:
– And my dad to become spoiled!

Cool nogibator: I never hear “not broke!”
AAA: Sound on! BBB: Hearing problems. To the doctor!
CCC: Buy a hearing aid on sale!
DDD: Change your sound card!
ZZZ: Do not listen to them! They are evil! Come on, for a start, try to learn how to enter …

Nuba forward the remaining def.
And what is def?
you forward.

You also have this habit, look your tank the barrel, while there is a countdown to the battlefield?

Somehow went to the shower without turning off while playing. Already out of the shower I hear the sounds of battle from the room, my wife decided to play, screaming “I kid you full article blockages” run to the computer and see his wife on the Su-26, having already kapilke 6 frags last shell kills the last enemy, taking 89% of the capture. The result of the battle: Warrior, Defender, Medal Fadina … Oo Then she calmly gets up from the table and saying, “Bullshit some” sits next to knit sweater for my daughter …

If you are in the first battle in the day killed seven opponents, stuffed 100500 damage, but your team has merged and defeat the enemy base and won a seizure you could not take your x-5, do not be upset, you are sure You take them to the next battle, where you svanshotit art at the beginning of combat)

Start a fight. Forward broke our T-50-2, executing such pirouettes that any dancer obzaviduetsya, drove to the enemy base, on the move knocked psaltery coming towards CT, so much so that he turned and hit the ally of the enemy reached the arts, two very killed, another one of our art crumbled. Well, in the end he was killed.
In general chat:
xxx: O_O it as well?
T-50-2: This is garbage! Here you should have seen how I drive a minibus!

“When Egorov and Kantariya broke the dome of the Reichstag from the bottom in the back could hear the cry of many thousands” NIBIRIIIII! “

Saturday morning. Children in school at some event.
My wife is going to the hairdresser. I sit in the hall, in tihushku opened a can of beer, watching the telly.
drink beer and kicks in anticipation. Left alone, and that at least three hours roaring tank shells, the clanging of the tracks, drive, adrenaline. Suddenly out of the bedroom and the cat jumps out at breakneck speed flying corridor. Enters the room, sees me, the whole course of the unfolding skid, beating ass on the wardrobe and slip rushes back, hiding in the bedroom.
After a while, the cry of his wife, “You would put the beer, but the dishes washed.”
My first thought “Svetanul again, bastard.”

This awkward moment when you are looking for the enemy tracers Artoo finally see the tracer! Rejoice! And he meant to you …

seacoast T50-2, and back to me ahead of T95 and said – “You still will not believe”

Start the game. On the one hand tip59 9, with our – 1.
phrase from our team in general chat:
-Sdavaytes, we have your Chinese!

Start a fight (STEP).
Allied IP -8 first 30 seconds worth, then begins to randomly roll on the basis of periodic firing into the air a couple of times gave to chat some nonsense.
middle of the battle
On the base of the enemy fly the T-50 and AMX 13 75 and go to me (I’m on a C-51). At this point, IS-8 rams and kills T-50 and shot blows boeukladku AMX. Then a few seconds rides and stops.
Me: “Thank you JS-8.”
JS-8: “Yeah, I think it’s the cat say, I spoke on the phone.”

General Chat
Whatever went wrong sound, but we have a team Malvina32 on Pinocchio in the bushes))

Announcement on the porch: dear neighbor of 15 apartments perestante play tanks, or make a sound so loud! And with every gulp your artilerii my little dog leaves the shells around the house.

Dear nagibatorov, if you have merged, do not abuse the chat! Give us nubam Krivorukov quietly win!

Milestones tankman:
1. You praising Arta
2. You scold Arta
3. You – Art

While T95 overlapping circles the enemy base, he managed to grab her.

Maus, shoving T95 into the water, wrote in a chat: “Right now we learn, sea turtle, or you do not!”

Start a fight on map of South Beach
KV-5 (the enemy) in general: Do not use the machine on the beach !!!
KV-4 (our): why?
KV-5: simply Ride!
On beach passes our T-50-2 zasvechivaya KV-5, returning to the base writes: Oh, my God!
KV-4: What is it?
T-50-2: there, there … KV-5 without a bra tans!)

plays in tanks, eat nuts from the package. Son from the other end of the room: Give Dad nuts.
Not looking up from the game, quickly twist the bag that would not spill and throw his son.
fight ended, turn the son leaning doing something.
Son, what are you doing there?
-Splesh collect.

-Narod and when physics will enter, live tanks can be moved?
Yes, it is possible
-Excellent! So it will be possible to disperse the T95 team effort!

Fight on Prokhorovka ->
On the basis rushing A-20
A-20 -People !!! There T34 on the nectary !!!!!!
M-6 -Frag !!!!
HF -chur my !!
IP -Give me !!!!
takes thirty seconds
(die) M-6 -You what said that American?
(die) Is -You rat !!! You know !!!
(die) Sq -Podstava !!!
A-20 -I wrote that T34 !! without the hyphen!
(die) Yes Is Fuck you
(die) -Gad Ap ….
(die) M-6 -Gnida …

famous French art is so severe that shines itself.

Only true artovody can not blink for a few minutes to see the enemy tracer.

Projectile JagdPanzer E-100 ricocheted from T-50-2 and destroyed a nearby village.

Saturday excursion in Kubinka. Another hangar with appliances. Characters: tour guide, our dudes crowd (my sidekick). The first exhibit, right at the entrance of the Su-14
– Aaaaaa, fridge !!!!
– Yes, as you all have got with their tanks !!!
– Yes lan those Che get into a fuss, we were told this something?
– Yes, damn it, I drive my 15 years here, and excursions in the past year, every second cry at the entrance to the hangar “Aaaaaa, refrigerator” !!!!

– (xxx) Guys let’s play a quick, and then I will soon finish a lesson informatics !!!
– (yyy) Go lessons do!
– (zzz) Shkolota, go Learn table Exel
– (xxx) Guys do not believe it, I them, and said, but these small paskudniki blackmailed, threatened to hand over to the Director !!!

On a car sticker T-34. we stand at a crossroads in the emergency gang! Approaching traffic cops:
-Otognat would not!
-Engine damaged, movement is impossible. (
Second pulls the rope:
-Remkomplekt need to carry with them! ;-)

xxx: Where are you from?
yyy: ******
xxx: neponyal!?
yyy: cha mat.filtr enabled?
xxx: yes
yyy: clear :) I’m from X e r s o n a!

xxx (in chat): Guys, what branch of the best?
mmm: work-family-house !!!
– Do not you think that you are on top of someone watching?
– and vaults …

I realized as we dofiga when my neighbor humorist wrote on my glass, have not washed machine – VK2801 with a traffic light a candle immediately !!!
all day – beeping mograniya headlights, waving neighing pedestrians, and so on. d.

but especially delighted with the four carrier roof rack, cluttered kakimto luggage ( including suitcases), when we stood side by side at a traffic light, he shouted, “do not drive fast – I still suitcase charged”

T34: To how many years? I’m 26, I’m a girl who plays for brother name is Irina
T25 / 2: I 3, I’m a cat, playing for the host name is Peach

Q in the general chat:
xxx: Guys, tell and a box of cola review increases?
yyy: Sure …
zzz: On his commander climbs.

Sit play tanks. Here comes Mom and gives me a slap. Well, I naturally “What ?!”, and it puts me in silence younger sister figure, which depicts a deer and below the inscription “Noob krivaruky”

was a tough fight. Poztsii finishing in the bush near the road leading to the village, the SU-100 began to wait for enemies. The sound of roaring engines of German tanks to grow. And because of the rotation of the enemy seemed to Tiger. Shot! Hit! Tiger stopped and slowly turned the tower in our direction. Thundered back shot. Shell hit the engine compartment of our SS. And then I smelled the unpleasant smell – the smell of burnt meat dumplings in the kitchen …

middle of the battle. T-50 at full speed crashes into alliance KV-2 and explodes.
KV-2: This I have not seen! You’re just like my son in law, who mistook the gas and brake, and carried the gates we have in the country!
T-50: Nina, is that you?!

Meet on articles, escorted hand ….
Map – Khimki.
I’m a tiger 2 – vanshotny.
I looked around the corner leaves enemy T95, I decided to hold my breath and wait for death. Gasped

-If someone will miss the light, will receive an impudent face French !!!

In combat, survived only two IP – 7: and our enemy. The enemy starts trying to go into a clinch. Allied IP – 7 starts to move back in for a minute hysterically repeatedly shakes «F7″ – «Help!” …
In alliance chat throw the phrase “orbital strike from space will not !!!

Start a fight we did not immediately loaded IP
PT Fyodor begins to push, Fyodor art, Arta E-75
then after 20 meters, E-75 wrote in the chat:
“next station Podolsk”
EC by this time awake (download) and wrote in response: “emae, which was not awakened, I Khmelnitsk slept.”

When the enemy comes in one direction – a rush. If the Allies – again, damn, stupid herd …

In battle:
Maus – And I have a 3000 x!
Bat Chatillon 25 t – I’ve got the speed of 65 km / h! T110E3 – And I have to book the forehead 305!
E-50 Ausf.M – And I have spread to 100m 0.3!
MC1 thought and said heroically –
And I have a branch on the four tanks odds!

After six ricochets from the KV-2, had the only one kick to break through the processor package, contusion motherboard and critical damage to the hard disk.

The enemy left 2 arty- drill and cold , each with 3 frags
Our T34 4 frags writes in chat:
-Give war !!
-Vrag C-51 self-destructed
-Vrag SU-14 self-destructed
Our SU -100 writes
-T34, and in the beginning of the battle could not you say it?

Sedna was a joke at work: Director summoned to the office of our sysadmin. He comes to them in a moment flies out screaming for the whole floor – quite ofigeli tanks … they inhibit

IS-3 in the chat: “Guys 50,000 experience per day really take?”
xxx: Yes
yyy: quite
kkk: why not?
zzz: Ha! I take 200 per night!
xxx: so cheap?

Telephone conversation:
Wife: how are you, what you do, what to eat …?
Husband: Well, do cleaning, nalepil pelmeshek – broth and ate …
Wife: that the technical work on the server …?

MC-1, caught in the platoon to 9-10 tanks: “Charge me in Artois and shoot towards their base! I tear all! “

I work in the circus on tour all the guys hack into the tanks. Play platoon – grill and 2 Cy5. Before the fight someone from Allied writes:
– Oh! Platoon arts! Hopefully, not clowns!
– Guys, do not poverite- 2 clown and animal trainer!

Very often, when the wife plays his cheerful farm for too long, there is a great desire to ride on her garden beds and a barn on his HF 1C

Start a fight: T95 furiously pokes into the square on the minimap.
xxx: Enough! Tired already.
T95: dumps I try to teleport!

comes to a man in a wot and looks at the experience of tanks x5
and shouts to his wife:
-Honey me these days !!!
case …
American server WoT
xxx: Russian is here?
yyy: net.
zzz: sovsem net.
vvv: mi vse americanzi …
The current Artoo little to light.
Now it yet and need to catch up with …

Decoupling battle:
GvPantera: T95 not stand !!!
T95: I’m, I’m so food (( (((

Tema: Mom Dad I sold tanks and bought MC-1
Mom: Son things you collected?

first felt resentment for the fact that Russia is so big: only hoping that some Nuba had gone to bed, as it was already awake Nuba at the other end of the country.

plays in tanks. On lap sits a little boy, 2.5 years.
Son mutters: Tank rides, tank fires.
Me: Right, right.
vanshotyat Suddenly, I sit silent.
Son: Plaque fly!

With the introduction of stickers and labels often began to notice the T-50-2 “Lightning” T95 with the Estonian flag, MC-1 “Pioneer” and so on. But most of all killed KV-1C “Ivan Susanin”, who called all go after him, and he fell down at full speed into the ravine.

Do you know why Americans Tanchiki plays less than Russian?
They’re just now finished reading the user agreement.

(Hummel): Arta finally bottom !!!!! Because of it merged!
(IP-3) That’s right!
(T32) That’s right!
(Lowe) Stop !! Hum, so you are the art !!!
(Hummel) Do not rent :(

My daughter (10 years old) comes into the fight on the SU-8. Fires on the KV-5, put it on the harp, and gives the following sentence:
-Vooot! Wait a minute, think about your problems!

Battle chat
xxx: Hello again!
WWW: We’ll see … the first time
XXX: But I’ll meet deer every fight !!!

T-50-2 “I am in the world”
Lorraine “I’m Laura”
Ferdinand “(((((((((”

If nothing talk to a friend – to plant it on World of Tanks.

bulb – is the last thing artovod sees before his death.

Start a fight. In the randomness of the enemy all the German tanks and one KB2.
xxx: :D as Fritz gathered you, but once sq.
yyy: quiet, it Shtirlits.

Mouse brought with them into battle ltraktora. Enemies laugh, saying, “do not shoot”, ” Thou shalt not kill. “At that ltraktor answers:
– You’re lucky I sink!

xxx: What is the fastest guns?
yyy: Which glows in …

What do they think tankers in the beginning of the battle at the base.
T-50-2: “We have to try to break the enemy’s artifact!”
Maus: «We must try to hide behind the house, otherwise the art will be covered!”
T95: “We must try to leave this white circle …

go to work. Along the way, there is an area where the speed is limited to 40 km h. Flies somewhere in the 70 – and oops – the rod stop gesture. Stop, get out of the car – suitable traffic cop, and seems to ask:
– Well, you’re so much talking about? Shine or what?

talk and share nicknames in the game and he let me go …

I am going to the IS-4. And here in my suitcase from flies mighty T-92
on the screen:
commander wounded
gunner wounded
mehvoda wounded
Cannon damaged
Caterpillar knocked
Rotating tower is impossible, destroyed mechanism
Motor damaged
And at the end:
Damage boeukladki almost exploded !!!

Then I thought – would be better if it exploded)))

In battle 10 T59
xxx: How many Chinese people? They were, like, removed from sale …
yyy: Illegals!

When the C-51 lying enemies that he runoff, his gun is growing.

Start a fight, man on PzKpfw IV asks:
– If I’m 62 years old, I still have time to spool the Mouse?


makes no sense to read quotes his girlfriend, still have to laugh alone.
When you shoot from the arts to the enemy, leaving him 1%, sometimes there is a desire to finish it, banging his fist on the monitor

You sat on the Art of ACS as:
1. You experienced artavod – 12%
2. Another technique in action – 28%
3. Randomly – 3%
4. Sel eat – 57%

On the test physics defeated Bridge – 30 kills .

Start a fight T 50-2 burst to our base, illuminates all that is possible, art manages to hide behind the house and in the general chat writes:
I fear as much range of information shrunk !!!
Map of Fishing Bay.
Union Pz III / IV: Boys and transplanted as tankers, I wrote that the crew did not complete?
Allies explains how to do it and one asks.
xxx: Where they go?
Pz III / IV: I dembelnul them – they have me 100% service passed!

Something like this …

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