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November 5 New update on WarGag.ru entertainment resources and on our website will now publish the best and funniest material on this website. So, meet:

November 6, 2014 12:02
General Chat on “Pacific Coast”. Everyone sits on nychka, no glare. Dialogue begins:
Team 1: And we have to wait a brew and you?
Team 2: And there we artovod. Here!

November 5, 2014 23:07
“Teamwork – the key to success”
Following this wisdom before the battle (when the A-20 throws for Tiger), I write in Chat:
“What am I to do?”
“Where do I go?”
“How to help the team?”
, and so on. d.
Well, as luck would have it all goes into the general chat …
In response, the enemy flew: “Nowhere nor ed, I’ll do it myself”

November 5, 2014 23:05
was fighting with dozens on the map Karelia. Federal ISU shka for the first minute battle managed napoluchat from enemy Arty (b-h), left with 150 x she climbed over a stone.
After 1 minute:
B-h: ISU, are you still alive?! Isa: he shocked
B-H: Well, you’re there it is, live as long as I have another 20 seconds cd …

November 5, 2014 22:45
than not to do for the sake of children!
Once promised my daughter that for every “top ten” in school, I will give to drive on their “top ten” in the tank. Bottom line – this month she climbed achievement, and I – Articles …

November 5, 2014 22:42
The situation of the battle.
LTTB Map Winter Himmelsdorf after the glare coming off the base. But because of the failure of drift and 20 x killed an allied Artois. Chat explodes “affectionate” comments.
LTTB Answer: “Guys, sorry! I promise – more on summer harp do not ride … “

November 5, 2014 22:37
Battle Map Arctic. Allied Comet perfectly cuts the enemy’s light, but he falls off a cliff. Comments chatting:
aaa: krivoruky, daring game
bbb: yyy, the comet fell, make a wish
ccc: do not want to merge!
ddd: type 59 I want!
eee: Wishlist, play better score 2-7 already!

November 5, 2014 22:26
ricocheted off the ground armor-piercing shell from the film “Rage” outdid ricocheted high-explosive shells from the movie “Stalingrad”.
November 5, 2014 22:14
Erlenberg. In the fifth minute of battle lighted “sneaking” along the river T29.
Federal art in general chat – I have this uncle with big ears ears something pootkrutil!

November 5, 2014 21:45 robin. Protracted battle. LT dead, maimed and TT who hid behind the barn and who is behind the church, Fr waiting in the bushes … 3-4 minutes at all of that does not happen. The timer is hinting on a tie, begin to take the nerves …
And suddenly breaks from the place of our art and promptly burst into the camp of the enemy! Zasvechivaya ofigevshih opponents; God knows how to evade their shells, passing a red minus Artoo, but victory still does not live …
So the phrase enemy “However, not all are equally useful arts (((” from himself added: “krasava! keep it up) ) “

November 4, 2014 21:47
Countdown before the battle in the sandbox …
Girl on the T-60 outputs a command chat:
T-60: Sorry, I shells forgot download (
XXX: Hair Color What?
T-60: Guessed ((

November 4, 2014 21:27
Chat in the hangar:
– Lech, well Th, th platoon?
– No, guys! I need to do my homework, to go to college, graduated with honors, and then get a good job, a family and take care of beloved parents … No tanks, guys !!! Do not write me more!
– Hello, Aunt Lena, blank, please Alexey for your computer.

November 4, 2014 21:16
If the FBG was a DJ
1. «FV 215b (183) apologizes Bat. Chat. 25t, which he svanshotil last battle, and asks him to put the song “And you did not hold back the tears – Revie, Revie …”
2. “Platoon of two Ob.140 and one leopard 1 Order card” Himmelsdorf “for 5 artillerymen, and asked for them to put the song “Baby, my, I miss you …”
3. “Three platoon PT of the top clans convey greetings to the opposing team at the TT, and ordered them to map” Highway “, accompanied by TIG AC / DC «Highway to Hell». Let’s support young talents PT! “
4.” And finally, for those CTs that do not sleep so late, a platoon of three T92 asked to put the card “Fire Arc” and the song “Flying airplanes and tanks are burning …” that I am pleased and implement …

November 3, 2014 16:14
World of Tanks something looks like the game “Mafia”.
Night. Peaceful players fall asleep. Wake extras.

November 3, 2014 15:53 ​​
– I will destroy you all … You’ll cry of despair, met me … light smoke from my doula – the last thing you’ll see … I dread flying on the wings of the night … I’m a bee, stinging through … No one can hide … I will …
– AMX 40 voyuy ed already!

November 3, 2014 15:41
Start a fight. In top platoon of two IS-7 with the statistics of 36 wins and 38 percent.
Ally writes: – Guys, if you leave the tank simply on the basis that they do not play your skill should rise to 40%! You know about that?
EC-7: – Do not turn out. When we see that half the team is doing so (((.

November 3, 2014 15:35
map “Airfield”
xxx: Something a lot of water was, I was quietly passed earlier and now I can not.
yyy: What can you do? Tide.

November 3, 2014 12:09
Wife “in the subject line,” glancing immediately say what kind of car it plays tanker:
* turns in his chair, looks around the corner of the monitor, bends, dodging projectiles – shines at RT;
* curled up in a ball, and his tongue hanging out, sitting motionless – waiting in the bushes lit up at PT; * proudly lounging in a chair, relish klatsat mouse – Rashid on TT, he is in the top;
* thoughtfully sipping coffee or schepit tangerine – on arte, recharge;
* for the fight of all will gradually – PT, definitely.
…. If the wife did not guess, the husband is likely deer ……

November 3, 2014 11:26
And now I see how young tankers matured, became well-Farm, got tops and premium. appliances … But ask type59 with the same honest eyes.

November 3, 2014 11:17
randomly fight. Robin.
IS-3 and Fyodor stand in a circle its base third fight and successfully shoot enemies.
Fyodor: IS-3, that’s how people become and artovodami)

November 3, 2014 11 09
KB. Start a fight. The commander allocates all the wings:
(Kep) -Tyazhiki gorochku under 90 will drive through the zero line, T1 Arise in the bush! All understanding?
(1Igrok) -molchanie assent)
(Kep) – silence – the sign of the AFC!

November 2, 2014 22:23
Start a fight with the origin of the phrase in the chat:
XXX – What do you have the whole team red?
UUU – He fights for previous ashamed.

November 2, 2014 21:23 Fight at Khimki score 10:14, there was one shotny T69 against platoon Sixth isov, borscht and CT after 2 minutes walk on the map writes in general chat:
– I do still have to look for?!
November 2, 2014 21:00
What does not kill us, it captures the base.

November 2, 2014 20:57
The first 5 minutes of the fight. Our TT successfully receives from enemy Arty. When there is less than 5% strength, TT, frantically hiding behind a rock, writing in general chat:
– Stop following me !!!
immediately with a suitcase arrives final answer:
– I’m sorry, but I like you …

November 2, 2014 20:56
When “fiery arc” see wrecked tanks (static objects, beautifully arranged by developers), then just remember the anecdote: “a group of experienced archaeologists during excavations found a group less experienced archaeologists. “
Quote # 260774
November 1, 2014 13:08
From my own experience: Never criticize the Federal Artoo!
Firstly, the Federal Art knows exactly where you stand.
Second, it shoots much more accurately than the enemy (((

November 1, 2014 13:05
Map of Slough.
We have a team one extra, everything else is red -Red. The enemy all the violet-blue-green.
One of our union in the chat: – Well, purple, team!
And then we get the answer: – Floor, selling! Relax and enjoy)))

November 1, 2014 12:58
Everyone is used as a chat recruited into clans.
But recently, one art just killed the phrase in general chat: – T110E4! or clan, or in the hangar!

November 1, 2014 12:55
Ensk. Battle almost won, and green rush for Freestuff frags – Arta.
First pops IP-6 and vanshotitsya landmine in the board of 261. After some time, there is a T-44, is trying to overtake but he rolls 261 and also his vanshotit .
Then in the chat:
T-44: 261, art thou?
Object 261: yeah)
T-44: here and play as art! And not as fr ((
Object 261: This is it! I’m in the last battle yet and highlights ;)

November 1, 2014 12:52
Map “Sacred Valley”. At the top of the card is one of our 5-strands Tigr against the enemy – is trying to tank, hiding behind terrain.
Allied Pinocchio and PRT 2 approach taken four. Last finishes badly battered hero.
Lull, Tiger does not move … [1,999,005 ] GW-Panther: Good for you, tiger survived!
C-51: Tiger, are you alive?)))
Tigr: muuzhtiki vvy would could see how Rukia tryasuuttsa …

That’s all …

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