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Bronze Series


The time has come for a new tournament in the framework of Bronze Series, registration is now open!

rated, formed after this stage, to determine the teams that fall into the Silver Series. Hurry up to participate!

Registration on the nineteenth Bronze Series tournament will last until March 29 inclusive! Matches will start from March 30.

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If you have any difficulty, use the instructions:

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Note: To send an application to participate in the tournament, the team should be from 7 to 10 people.


As a result of past stages formed overall rating Bronze Series:


The third force division Wargaming.net League – a series of tournaments open registration and an unlimited number of participants in the two conferences: West and East. Each month, players are waiting for the battle, during which the team will earn points. At the end of each month will be formed rating of the best teams in the tournament will be played month and prizes.

Thus, as an integral part of Wargaming.net League, Bronze Series runs through the seasons remaining divisions and is not tied to them rigid time frame.

Who will go Silver Series?

discuss the performance of teams in the Bronze Series is summed after the end of the nineteenth tournament. Eight teams – five from the West and three from the East – with a total rated the best at the end of the Silver League directly get into it for next season.

Please carefully read regulations Bronze Series , there are a lot of interesting things.

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