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Hello everyone,

currently, BT-SV (lowtier Soviet light tank, previously exclusive to Soviet edition of the Russian WoT gift package, obtainable only in Russia or via Belarusian/Ukrainian/Russian e-shops) is available on ASIA server. The prices for this rare vehicle are VERY steep, randing from 96 USD to 120 USD. Damn, 120 bucks for a lowtier vehicle, that’s a lot of money.

Hm. Remember how last year, the KV-220 “exclusive” was available in such large packages too, only to return several months later for much lower price? I think this is exactly what will happen here (Wargaming needs to milk every single drop from every such release), so I would definitely not buy it.

The tank itself I had the opportunity to test (using press account) and it’s utter crap – it has a bad gun and turns slow. For its tier, it has somewhat decent armor, but it’s nothing like the OP death machine that is the Panzer II Ausf.J. It’s underpowered and if you expect to pwn with it, you’ll be disappointed.

I would stay away from those bundles, if I were you.

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