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Hello everyone,

some of you have already experienced the “new” (or, rather, returned) bug in 9.4 – black artefacts on the screen.


Just letting you know – I passed the info (along with the video, thanks to IonorRea for it) on the bug directly to Storm in his 9.4 feedback thread. He wrote that he is aware of this bug and that they will try to fix it as soon as possible. And meanwhile in 9.4 (thanks to Rita for the screenie):


Yes, you are not supposed to be driving inside the buildings. It turns out that the Stalingrad map has an unusually high number of these spots, where the collision models of the houses and landscape are incorrect and you can (in best case) get inside a house and get stuck there (the way you get stuck in that one infamous Westfield house, only easier), in worst case you fall through the map (also happened).

Come on, Wargaming. Not so long ago, an article came out, where you bragged about the model verification process for WoWs. Can’t you just verify map models as well before you send them to the live server?

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