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Bundles with two Sentinels
2017-11-17 10:00:00 / Premium Shop
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Two tough Sentinels from Australia have arrived in the Store! The AC 1 and AC IV Sentinel are Tier IV and VI medium tanks. They are quick-firing, maneuverable, and extremely beautiful. You can be sure that these Sentinels will not only decorate the Garage, but also cheerfully deal with enemy vehicles and bring you additional credits!

Available through 26 November, 2:00 (PT), 5:00 (ET):

AC IV Sentinel Bundle:

 AC IV Sentinel  a slot in the Garage 250

Bundle price: 9.99 $.

AC IV Sentinel Premium Bundle:

 AC IV Sentinel  a slot in the Garage 1,700

Bundle price: 14.99 $.

Watchful Sentinels Bundle:

 AC IV Sentinel  AC 1 Sentinel  2 slots in the Garage 2,500

Bundle price: 19.99 $.

The bundle price may vary depending on the regional settings and other parameters of your device.

Screenshots and characteristics of the AC 1 and AC IV Sentinel

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