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Hello everyone,

ASIA player (and moderator) Mcmole recently visited the newly opened Carins Australian Armour and Artillery museum – there are some pretty interesting vehicles there and he was kind enough to share the pictures. Check this out!

For full version of the picture, right-click it and select “view image”

Chieftain MBT (this one comes from Western Australia)

M47 Patton (this one is from Netherlands)

Australian Yeramba SPG (25pdr on M3 Lee chassis)

Australian Centurion Mk.5/1– Australian Centurions have seen service in Vietnam, this is however not one of the vehicles that were sent there.

M3 Grant

SU-100 (you guessed it, it’s Czechoslovak SD-100, exported to Bulgaria at one point)


Valentine Mk.III

Matilda Mk.II

AC4 Thunderbolt

Panzer 38t

StuG III replica

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