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Hello everyone,

for those, who missed it yesterday, the Panzer IV video by WG EU – from Panzermuseum Munster.


Okay, now a few corrections, because some stuff in the video was wrong.

– Schurzen (side armor) were NOT designed to defeat HEAT rounds, they were designed to protect the vehicle against AT rifles, that were widely used on the eastern front and could damage or even knock out the Panzer IV, when firing at vehicle’s flanks. In fact, in some cases, the Schurzen made the effect from HEAT projectile even worse. I kinda expected Challenger to know that.

– Panzer IV was not “so good” as to be used post-war by Romania and Bulgaria (it was used by Czechoslovakia), it was used because there was nothing else available and pretty much every tank in early post-war use came from former foreign units (in Czechoslovak case, the units from UK and Russia), or was salvaged from the battlefield. The vehicles were considered obsolete and were quickly phased out, as soon as T-34′s became available and then sold to Syria.

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