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Champions prepare for battle
2017-10-16 12:00:00 / Tournaments
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The Blitz Twister Cup world championship is approaching the decisive day, and Minsk is waiting for the best teams from four regions: the CIS, Europe, North America, and Asia.

These fighters fought tooth and nail in the qualifying stage, and have already proven a lot: they all became the best players in their regions. However, the main test is yet to come—soon the champions will meet in the battle for the cup!

What are the names of these teams? What drives them? And how do they prepare for the main battle of the year? Meet the Blitz Twister Cup finalists, and choose whom to support in the offline finals!

The team of the NA—Blitzkrieg [PRAMO]

Our team was formed by gathering various people in the clan who were willing to train and travel to Minsk as well as Mobile Masters in Las Vegas. At first, we struggled to find people who could travel that far but eventually we settled with what we have now.

We do have famous inside jokes but they aren’t exactly the most appropriate. As far as traditions go, there are none that come to mind.

Our main goal is to travel and represent our clan and our Server. The other teams in our clan were just groups of guys who wanted some prizes and to play some competitive matches for fun.

Command structure: _Dragongeddon, Fishy_, iRaikkonen, Concep, Prodigy1222, Player_103562783, LetsMakePeopleHateUsMore.

The team of the RU region—C4 [C4]

In our clan, we have several strong tournament teams, and our main team—C4—just couldn’t miss the Blitz Twister Cup international tournament. We won the cup last year in New York, and now we need to keep the title.

Before each game, we warm up in the training room playing 4vs4. If the match is decisive, 5 minutes before the start, we announce a musical pause. During this time, it’s forbidden to discuss the battle and change tactics: impulsive decisions can lead to errors and failure.

We’re going to Minsk to confirm our title of world champions. Even second place will be a complete failure for us: we are only interested in a victory! Thus, as a location for the LAN finals, Minsk is great luck for us.

We’ll save a lot of energy on the flight, we’ll be speaking our native language in Minsk, and there will be no need for us to get visas. This means that we will be able to arrive in the very composition in which we have trained for a long time and won the qualifying tournament. I don’t envy our rivals, they’ll have a very hard time.

Command structure: _Swarov5ki, iLucique, ufpnjh, CTaTucT__33RuS, LordVladius, Pingver, SevenMinutes.

The team of the EU—Legion [LGN]

The squad is composed of young adults and teens from all around Europe. We’ve been playing competitively together and even against each other for the past year and a half, but now we’ve come together with the aim of establishing a highly skilled and experienced eSports team capable of winning the Twister Cup world finals.

Last years’ European Twister Cup Finals saw two enemy teams—LGN and PHNX—fight each other to end two years of tense rivalry. Gradually over the next year, many members of the PHNX team, which we fought against and once considered our enemies, became our best friends. Three of these people are even in our top eSports team, including the team captain of PHNX. Being stronger together, we hope our friendship will bring us victory in Minsk.

We try to be as competitive as possible at Blitz whilst keeping the game enjoyable to play. We enjoy the challenge of competitive gaming and playing the game together with our clan mates.

Some of our players finished with a top 10 rating. All of us have achieved a high rank in rating battles, but our primary focus is winning tournaments and staying on top in the clans’ leaderboard.

Command structure: Bini_LGN, Blast_LGN, Diesel_LGN, Engy_LGN, GangDalf_LGN, Oxbow_LGN, Dictator_LGN.

The team of the Asia—EHR2 [EHR]

We are EHR clan’s second team, created by picking the best Japanese players from some of the strongest teams on the Asia server.

Being the second team of EHR clan forced us through a difficult and long path, having to join the tournament from the very beginning. We met strong opponents like Vietnam’s top team M_I_B, 2016’s Asia champions Team ID, and the recent winner of TGS 2017 Blitz Game Show X-Range. Every battle was so stacked against us, but we showed that we are the best team.

Actually we don’t have much info about Belarus, it’s quite far away from Japan. But we know that the Wargaming office is there, and everybody says all the ladies are very beautiful! We’re looking forward to visiting Minsk!

Our element is absolutely fire! Be ready for the proactiveness of our tactics, they just burn our opponents.

Command structure: AOMUSHI_ULTIMATE, musukangu, BEAT_HIT_BIT_HEAT, senei, Folman, Astolfo_prpr, CoquettishKiss.

All teams are full of determination, and no one is going to give up. Prepare yourself: the final battle promises to be an intense one! Come to Minsk and support your team, or tune in to the livestream of the LAN finals: everything will be decided on November 11!

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