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– Added new branch of British tanks and PT-ACS:
* Medium Tank Level 4 Grant I
* PT-ACS Level 5 Archer
* PT-ACS Level 6 Achilles IIC
* PT-ACS-level Challenger 7 / Avenger
* PT-ACS Level 8 Charioteer
* Tank Destroyers 9 level FV4004 Conway
* Tank Destroyers level 10 FV4005 Stage 2
– To test supertesterami added:
* French average Tank Level 8 AMX Chasseur de char (46).
* French light tank level 7 AMX 13-57.
* Japanese medium tank level 8 ST-A2.
* Soviet Tank Destroyers 8 level ISU- 130.
– Fixed some problems and shortcomings of visual models of tanks: Maus, JagdPanther, M4A3E8 “Fury”, the KV-1S.
– Fixed an error in the damage model tanks: Hetzer, SU-14, Waffentrager auf Pz. IV.
Maps and objects:
– Added new game cards “Mittengard” (for initial levels of fighting), “The Lost City” (for team fights).
– Added map “Winter Ruinberg.”
– Removed from the game card “Severogorsk” and “Ruinberg in the fire.”
– Fixed some uneven terrain maps: “Fisherman’s Cove”, “Pass”, “Vindstorm.”
– Fixed some game problems on the map “Stalingrad”.
– Fixed some visual models of objects in the environment.
– The player will receive an additional 10% experience for the damage to his illumination for each level of the difference between the tank and the player illuminated target, but not more than 30%.
– The functionality of the minimap. Added: vector vision arc of fire (only for ART-ACS), the display name of the tank, where it had been displaying “light up” the tank.
– Made improvements to the interface box “special” fighting.
– Improved the display of camouflage on the tank to improve the graphics.
– Fixed some interface and game flaws in the “fortified areas.”
– now a warning for failure to act in battle will be issued only if the third violation in a row (actually a former punishment), the penalty will be applied after the fourth offense.
– to increase the volume end of the recharge.
– Fixed some “hangs” and “crashes” the game client.
– Changed the text conditions for the issuance of medals Pyro, Demolitions and Kamikaze.
– Fixed “flicker” markers technology on the minimap.
– Fixed “freezes” while playing some special effects.
– Fixed flickering foliage in sniper scope.
– Fixed “utopanie” tank in the floor of the hangar.
– Fixed some minor interface bugs .
Version Features:
In our version did not manage to enter a number of tasks, including:
new tanks in the patch included in “draft form”:
Sherman_Firefly Grant_I

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