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[1,999,002] Explanation: [1,999,004] for a test riding T110E3 already in HD, with new kollizhn model. VFD has become even thicker, and now there are almost everywhere 500mm +. The NLD has also become thicker, there were pieces of armor on 200mm and 170mm, 152mm instead of the former everywhere, but the slopes have less armor. The following changes to the scheme sketched booking NLD (it is about, but the overall impression can be formed). Someone has changed the shape of the tower: it has become more and given armor it was smaller. The roof of the body is now 25mm instead of the previous 51mm hi bombs on arts, plus now anyone met the enemy will throw on the roof without the right to ricochet. Vulnerable Zone of the mask, the right of the cabin began to 76mm in 2 times more, now it can safely vytselit anyone.

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