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Hello warriors,

a couple of changes happened to the two newly introduced supertest vehicles. First the French premium heavy (standard nominal values):

– hull traverse nerfed from 35 to 28 deg/s
– terrain resistance nerfed from 1,3/1,5/2,2 to 1,5/1,7/2,4

Boring. Now for more fun things. KV-4 KTTS armor was seriously improved. Keep in mind this is tier 7 premium.

Other changes (stats for 100 percent crew):

– gun aimtime buffed from 3,07 to 2,88
– weight increased from 88 to 100 tons
– power-to-weight ratio decreased from 13,64 to 12 hp/t
– hull traverse nerfed from 32 to 30 deg/s
– terrain resistance nerfed from 1,151/1,342/2,685 to 1,342/1,438/2,685
– gun traverse rate (the speed with which the gun moves on this TD) decreased significantly
– stabilization significantly improved (not that important for TD but this includes aim circle size increase from switching targets by moving the gun)
– MM weight decreased from 40 to 27 (probably a placeholder)

New statistics:

Tier: 7 TD
Hitpoints: 1200
Engine: 1200 hp
Weight: 100 tons
Power-to-weight: 12 hp/t
Maximum speed: 35/10 km/h
Hull traverse: 30 deg/s
Gun traverse angle: 60 degrees
Terrain resistance: 1,342/1,438/2,685
Viewrange: 350
Radio range: 375,4

Hull armor: 200/125/125
Superstructure armor: 250/125/125

Gun: 107mm M-75
Damage: 320/320/420
Penetration: 227/289/62
ROF: 7,631
DPM: 2441,8
Reload: 7,863
Accuracy: 0,345
Aimtime: 2,88s
Depression: -5/+20

Other than that the armor was significantly increased:

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