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preparing another compilation of the best videos published on Channel WoT Fan . Entertainment and learning from tank to tank!

not all there is too much time and money to travel to distant Albion, to visit Tankfest 2015. However, among the players have correspondents who not only went over the sea, but also tell you about everything that there is to see you.

What can be done to Bat. -Châtillon 25 t, if the squeeze maximum efficiency? What are the little-known and popular sniper positions “nychki” allow to fire at the enemy without any problems? How to play so as not to fall into someone else’s focus and not die after the first “light”? Let’s find out.

If you decided to see which of the two tanks better, there are many ways . View statistics dash on both several dozen fights, revise hundreds of replays. But the surest way – to do it two platoons, consisting entirely of one type of tank and bleed them together.

What nightmares light tanks when you get out of the game? Who and where to put the entire premium artillery? For what merits seventh ISU gave eleventh place in the order of the study? Are you a new series of interesting facts about World of Tanks!

Your task – to survive at any cost . Wink wonders tricks valor and intuition to go to the finals and win a prize that will leave no one indifferent – Premium VIII tank level.

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