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Channel WoT Fan: a “premium” clean?


Video Channel WoT Fan once again ready to please you with a selection of current news, comprehensive reviews and entertainment clips. Enjoy!

Is one the most popular premium tanks will be removed from the market? Whether the front of the machine continues transmission as often burn? Who will get more damage from the ram, if E 50 at full speed and crash into the IS-7? The answers to these and other questions – in the video!

German average premium Tank Level III with unpretentious name Gro & szlig; traktor Krupp («big tractor Krupp”) either the name or appearance does not inspire self respect. But it fair? Decent for its level of margin, unexpectedly high speed and a good gun, quick and excellent vertical angles hum.

Actual events world of tanks, the best on a portal WarGag.ru and the opportunity to earn a little game gold – all this in the next issue of “heavy digest.”

In World of Tanks comes New Year mood. Tanks explode like firecrackers, burning like lights on the tree, and the sparks fly around colorful confetti. Mom, I filmed!

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