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Channel WoT Fan: break patterns


It’s time to see what new movies made players enthusiasts. For you – the best at channel WoT Fan . Extremely useful guides, entertainment clips, incredible fad FBG!

easy to get a medal Kolobanova? Damn difficult, as we know all the players World of Tanks. And the “Raider”? A little bit easier, but it will also have to tinker. Now keep your jaw player SU-85b took these two medals in a single battle. How ?! Watch and learn.

If you decided to find out which of the two tanks better, there are many ways. View statistics dash on both several dozen fights, revise hundreds of replays. But the surest way – to do it two platoons, consisting entirely of one type of tank and bleed them together.

Insane experiments continue! No boring surveys, no tedious arguments about the specifics of the tank – in this program we hold a completely crazy and funny experiments. Sometimes they bring some benefit and may even make a breakthrough in the gameplay, but we usually just fun and comes off, and what you want.

Recent world events tanks, the best on a portal WarGag.ru and the opportunity to earn a little game gold – all this in the next issue of “heavy digest” .

Once upon a gray “Mouse” behind a bush, and “Bat” hated Random … merry music video from Wartactic Games.

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