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Channel WoT Fan: Death Race and other video


Again in the portal – a selection of the best movies with channel WoT Fan created by players themselves. Here everything: education and entertainment, and the use of humor!

Discarding all unnecessary features vododely chose the most balanced tank and raced each other to prove the subtleties of winning the game. Death Race!

New Music clip from Wartactic Games and Wot Fan of all your favorite stars. No, not those that are in the chat, and those in the hangar. Those that beckon, and the more of them, the more beckon the weary, but purposeful tankman!

If you decided to find out which of the two tanks is better, there are many ways. View statistics dash on both several dozen fights to review hundreds of replays. But the surest way – to do it two platoons consisting entirely of one type of tank and bleed them together.

Actual events world of tanks, the best on a portal WarGag.ru and the opportunity to earn a little game gold – all this in the next issue of “heavy digest . “

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