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Videokopilka on channel WoT Fan does not dry out but only replenished. Extremely useful guides, entertainment clips, incredible fad FBG!

What else would we go all over the dusty roads of randomness? And how many merge sit polygonal bushes and yell chat? Where are we going, what fills kills, do not sleep at night and could barely stand on his feet during the day? ..

If you take some of the most robust machines World of Tanks, put in a row, and then continuously bombed enemy fire, among the smoldering skeletons you will not find T95. Because it is likely to be safe and sound.

And one more topic to cruel experiments on technique – has become a familiar and beloved “Tankomahach.” At this time, “legkota” T71 against M41 Walker Bulldog . [1,999,004]



Please send replays of fights with the most absurd and ridiculous behavior tankers and receive “gold” prize! (Note: rewards players who sent a replay, but not the one to show it.)



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