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Channel WoT Fan: FPS under nitrogen and other video


It’s time for the next selection of videos from the players themselves with channel WoT Fan . Here everything: education and entertainment, and fun benefits. Enjoy!

What happens if you take a modern, 4-core processor, a better graphics card at the moment, and other no less powerful “iron” and try to “accelerate”, ensuring the maximum number of frames in the World of Tanks ? Oh, and do not forget about liquid nitrogen, which prevents the conversion of the super computer into a miniature supernova.

Alas, not everyone is lucky to be on Grand Final Wargaming.net League Warsaw, but you have the opportunity to see the report from the exhibition and listen to what tell the players and developers reporter Max Mrehe.

If you decided to find out which of the two tanks is better, there are many ways. View statistics dash on both several dozen fights, revise hundreds of replays. But the surest way – to do it two platoons, consisting entirely of one type of tank and bleed them together.

perfect team? Proven Tactics? PF-Q, it’s not about our heroes. Bit between their teeth, W push button all the way – and more! Winning? What victory? Everything is relative. By the way, drag away the burned-out tank in the hangar.

What other laws except the laws of physics can be violated in the World of Tanks? How much can you save the experience, if you know the clever loopholes in the “pumping” of tanks? How often you can see Tanchiki first and third levels in the desert and winter maps? These and other interesting facts – in this video.

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