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Channel WoT Fan – a learning and fun for the tankers themselves from tankers . Enjoy!

Soon all the players World of Tanks will be able to buy yourself a great new tank AMX 30 1er prototype. French newcomer proved himself quite dynamic and nimble, with good communication range, and indeed even in the car “sink” can please. Read more – a video review.

Developers answer: the nuances of a new physical model; new sound engine; another “nerf” artillery and other information for those who are asking questions!

Heavy machine confidently directed towards each other, to make brilliant design decisions into a pile of useless scrap metal. T110E5 against FV215b on the “N-sk” – who will win?

Actual events world of tanks, the best on a portal WarGag.ru and the opportunity to earn a little game gold – all this in the next issue of “heavy digest.”

Take the girls in the clan! They say it boosts the morale of tank and as a consequence, Statistics.

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