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Channel WoT Fan: Keychain happiness and other video


It’s time for the best videos with channel WoT Fan . Everything here: the use, fun and wisdom!

plight of “charm”: contemptuous smirk from the team, frank rzhach enemies. And frantic, frenetic drive battlefield where monsters and titans World of Tanks rolled mountains and the sea drained, and you’re such a small and nimble, trying to hold an extra second and even “light up” as many enemies.

“American” T95 – Machine very worthy. And in this tank armor gorgeous, especially in the forehead, and a powerful weapon, only to realize that he is moving, and does not stand still, we can only carefully looked closer. However, even at this speed monster, you can take the “Raider”. How to? Watch the video.

A beautiful example German technology, excellent for small and speed disciplines, the tank E 75 at the time did not come down the assembly line. But any patient and persistent player, you hit the German branch to IX level, there is a chance to try out this excellent machine in action and take her “Masters”.

Crazy experiments continue! No boring surveys, no tedious arguments about the specifics of the tank – in this program we spend quite crazy and funny experiments. Sometimes they have some benefit and may even make a breakthrough in the gameplay, but we usually just a way to break away, and what you want.

Actual events world of tanks, the best on a portal WarGag.ru and the opportunity to earn a little game gold – all this in the next issue of “heavy digest” .

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