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again offers you a selection of the best videos that came to channel WoT Fan . This video channel, which regularly publishes an extremely useful guide, prepared by the players, entertainment clips, incredible fad FBG. Enjoy!

far and hard road to Tankfest in Bovington, England. Bad weather, translation difficulties and even non-standard outlet stand in the way of our heroes in their heavy forced marches to the destination. But the obstacles are conquered, fears allayed – see reports from this exciting event!

June 24, 1941 began the first battle near Minsk. Announcement of informative material about the places where the battle took place.

If you decided to find out which of the two tanks better, there are a lot of ways. View statistics dash on both several dozen fights, revise hundreds of replays. But the surest way – to do it two platoons, consisting entirely of one type of tank and bleed them together.

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