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During testing, the 9.8 update, you can choose one of two versions of the game client: SD or HD. What are the advantages of each?


This is a new version of World of Tanks. It takes up less space on your hard drive, because it does not contain texture models of equipment at a maximum resolution. Accordingly, in the version of SD-quality settings can not be set to maximum texture.

So, SD-version is just convenient for those players who are not going to include the highest quality settings. Using this version reduces the time required for updates and makes it easier to start playing, because users do not need to download an unused game content.

HD-client (beta)

On the game filling HD-version is identical to SD-client, but it gives an opportunity to assess the maximum graphics quality and maximum detail processed texture for technology. Settings allow you to see military vehicles in all its power and glory: the texture of the metal traces of participation in hostilities, the effects of operation of the tank, and so on. D.

It is important to remember that the HD-version is available only for users of 64-bit operating system. If a player has a 32-bit operating system, select the HD-client can not.

What you need to know when choosing a version of the client

During installation, test version 9.8 update, you will see a window with the choice of the client.

The choice is not final and can be changed at any moment. To change the version of the client, run the launcher of the game – the top is a drop down menu.

After confirming the action will take place as follows:

  • If you are upgrading from versions SD-HD – will start downloading the necessary files, resulting in the “weight” of the client will increase.
  • If you’re switching from HD-version on SD – no additional files will not be downloaded, and the “weight” of the client decline.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Do we need to be different modes for different versions of the client?

Changing the client version should have no effect on the operation of third-party modifications. At the same time we do not guarantee the performance of the modified game client.

Will you need to choose the version of the client with every update?

No. Launcher will download the version of the client, which is installed in the player. The user can change the type of customer, even after installation.

How much will decrease the “weight” when choosing a client installed SD-version?

Customer size is reduced by about 6 GB. The size of the downloadable client is reduced to 3 GB.

Why in the name appears, the term “beta”?

HD-game content yet formed, and the number is constantly increasing. That is why at the moment HD-client should be called a beta version.

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