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Clan Improvements in Update 2.3!
2015-10-29 21:00:00 / News

Update 2.3 is coming soon and with it comes new improvements and features for Clans! We’ve been hard at work tweaking, fixing and adding features to Clans. Read on for a full rundown on what you can expect in the latest update!


Previously, the only way to add new recruits to your Clan was through a manual approval process, requiring Clan officers to sign off on every new member. We’ve added a new automatic recruitment option that should make both adding members and joining Clans much easier!

Clan leaders are now able to set parameters that allow players to automatically join their Clan. If applicants meet the requirements (in areas like winning percentage or battles played), they’ll automatically be added to the roster without needing approval from a Clan officer.

For players looking to join a Clan, you’ll now see a list of recommended Clans based on your stats and experience, along with options to filter by Clan language. This means that joining a Clan should be easier than ever, as you’ll be presented with a list of Clans looking for players at your particular skill level—no need to sift through Clans that aren’t right for you!

Application parameters will be limited by your Clan’s current performance.
If you’re in a Clan of fresh recruits who have relatively few battles under their belts and are still working on improving their in-game stats, you won’t be able to set your parameters to require new members be battle-hardened veterans with high stats.  

Top Clan Members

You’ll now be able to see a Clan’s top members displayed on their Clan profile! Top-ranked members in the areas of battles per day, win ratio and average damage will be visible to anyone viewing your Clan’s profile, giving you the opportunity to show off your Clan’s best!

Additional Changes Deputy Commanders will now be able to change the ranks of Clan members. Look for new Clan emblems! We’ve improved Clan chat by allowing you to collapse or expand the list of Clan members, and you’ll be able to view a player’s profile by double-tapping on their name!

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