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Clan Portal: New Opportunities

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May 13 published a large-scale upgrade of the clan portal at which appeared as an extended statistics for clans and players for them, previously inaccessible.

Rating clans clan moved to the portal, and with it, added many new features. So, what changed?

  1. In general Clan Rundown you can see the average parameters of its players: for example, the percentage of victories or the number of fights on this or that technique.
  2. available detailed statistics, including all types of fights (Global Map, company, and so attacks. d.).
  3. [1,999,028] Updated search engine: now it works more accurately.

    [1,999,028] Extended Information tab fortified: it is possible to learn more about the players and their usefulness for the clan.

And now in more detail.

New features and statistics

Now, in one place, you can view all of the key indicators Clan: Statistics on average players more – on techniques and modes of fighting.

changed the rating itself: now it takes into account the results of the fortified area, increased the role of clan fighting and the number of players in the clan. When choosing a clan from the general list can get detailed information about its effectiveness.

very page with statistics clan moved to clan portal . How does it look?

List of clans to baseline

Compare clans can now be on the following parameters:

  • aB / D – the average number of players in the clan fights a day.
  • fSH – a component of the fortified area. Allows for the development of the fortified area: results of raids and fighting in the battles of the fortified area.
  • eSH – Elo-rating in the battle for the fortified area. Shows how well the clan fighting in this mode.

Available also compared the parameters that existed before, but calculated differently:

  • CR – clan rankings. For details on the ranking clans .
  • aPR – the average personal rating of clan members, weighted by the maximum possible number of players (100). Now, the important role played by the number of fighters in the clan.
  • aVL10 – the number of technology X level members of the clan.
  • [1,999,028] eGM – Elo-rating on Global map. Shows how well the clan fighting in this mode.

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Summary Clan

When choosing a clan can be found with the statistics of his players on the following parameters:

  • Average the number of fights,
  • average winning percentage,
  • average personal rating,
  • Average Experience per Battle;
  • average damage per fight.
  • Average winning percentage, the average experience of the battle and the average damage per fight is a weighted average, which is calculated on the total number of players fighting clan.

    Thus, the effect of low-level players with a minimum number of fights decrease. As a result, the average can not be raised by typing in a clan, “twinks” with a small number of fights.

    Statistic Safety fighters Clan

    In the current update is available for you to view performance indicators on all types of equipment, if it is played at least one fight. For your convenience, filters are made for art VI, VIII and X levels.

    • QT – the number of cars in the clan.
    • W / B – winning percentage.
    • E / B – the experience of battle.
    • D / B – Done for the fight.

    Percent Win, experience, and the damage is calculated on the total number of players in the clan fighting, t. e. the impact of technology players and one victorious battle will be minimal.

    In addition, with the help of search you can find specific tank and view the statistics of the game is to it.

    Statistics on the types of players fighting clan

    View Statistics current clan players in a particular mode is now available by clicking on the link “Statistics fighting” the right of the indicators of the current composition of the clan.

    Among other things, you can see how many players are involved in the clan or another mode ( AP [1,999,046]). Accounting begins when in this mode to play at least one fight.

    Updated search

    search for his clan tag, title or part of the name has become more accurate and convenient. Clans in the search results will be listed in the order in the first place with the full coincidence clan tag on the second – a complete coincidence of name. If both of the previous search conditions are not met, then the clans are displayed in the order of their popularity, in particular, this parameter will affect the rating and clan.

    Updating Statistics fortified

    With the current upgrade has increased the information content of the page the fortified area. Now any player who looks at the profile of the clan portal can familiarize yourself with how many people are attached to the concrete structure.

    This tab is available to the list with the number of fighters Promresurs which produced of the last 7 days, and for all time to participate in the clan. In addition, you can see the performance of players at all the buildings of the fortified area. Now, any player who is actively involved in the battle for the fortified area of ​​their clan and brings a significant amount of Promresurs be always in sight.

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