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Clan job: new challenges for military brotherhood

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You regularly fight on the Global Map? Exciting province? Participate in campaigns and gaming events? Soon, your clan will further the goals that will bring additional variety in gameplay Global Map: Wargaming is preparing to launch clan quests.

Clan job – This is a problem that clan gains depending on fulfillment of certain conditions. Tasks can be issued, for example, when creating a clan, with the advent of a new day, after the completion of the previous job, and so on. D. Reward may be the game gold to the treasury of the clan or unique logo, lettering and camouflage for the players.

Clan jobs will be available to perform On February 12 at 4:01 (GMT) .

Job Types

At the moment, there are two types of jobs clan : Scenarios and expedition.

Script – sequence of a variety of tasks, which can begin to carry out immediately after the creation of the clan. A new job script clan gains by following the previous one. When this script is a “tree”: at certain moments, you can choose from several options, which, in turn, lead to a separate chain of problems.

Examples of scenario tasks:

  • dial a certain amount of experience in the battles for the landing;
  • win the landings 10 clans
  • capture from landing or insurrection province with incomes above 960 ,
  • capture 3 provinces and hold them for 72 moves.

Expedition – linear chain clan tasks which run directly on Global map . At each step of the expedition clan should not later than the specified time to capture a certain province. After the assignment clan has a chance to get the following, with greater reward. However, the continuation is not guaranteed, and if the chance is not dropped, the mission ends.

The team has big plans for the development of clan activities. What new jobs will be added to the game and how soon – it depends on your success and reviews.

quest reward

reward scenario job – game gold, which goes to the treasury of the clan. The more complex the task – the more reward!

reward for participation in the expeditions can serve as game gold and clan unique content that does not receive the clan as a whole, and specific players. This can be a special inscription on the tank emblem or camouflage. Tank with a special appearance will tell the players from other clans of your combat achievements on the Global Map.

Examples reward clan quests:

Пример уникального призового камуфляжа Пример уникальной призовой надписи Пример уникальной призовой эмблемы

Images of award logos, labels and camouflage options, you will see in the forum thread .

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