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Clan Supply Reaches Level X
2017-05-02 16:00:00 / News

If you’re in a Clan, you’re probably familiar with Clan Supply, a collaborative discount system that rewards individual and group progress. We’ve been slowly updating Clan Supply and adding new reward levels, but we’re pulling out all the stops now that level X is unlocked in Update 3.8!

What’ll you find at level X? A tier VIII Premium tank, the IS-5, for 1,500 5% discount on tech tree tier X vehicles A Garage slot for 200,000 An additional 5% discount (for a total of 10% off) for Provisions and Adrenaline 5% discount on level III equipment

Because Update 3.8 introduces multiple levels of equipment, we’ve updated previous Clan Supply levels to include 5% discounts – levels VIII, IX, and X now earn you discounts at Equipment levels I, II, and III, respectively.

Not in a Clan?

Clan Supply discounts and offers are only available to Clan members. If you’re not in one, now’s the time to join up and start earning your Clan Supply levels!

The IS-5

Those discounts are swell, but we’re most excited about the IS-5 – an exclusive Premium tank available at a discount. It’s a Soviet heavy tank with enough armor to bounce shots and is equipped with a well-liked 122mm gun. It also has increased profitability compared to its tier VIII peers.

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