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Clan Tournaments on the Way
2016-09-07 17:00:00 / News

We’ve never stopped improving and adding functionality to Clans in Blitz, but we’re pleased to announce what may be the biggest Clan news yet: tournaments! Indeed, Update 3.1 lets us create tournaments for you and your Clanmates!

What Are Clan Tournaments?

They’re chances for you to battle alongside your best Blitz buddies for glory, and maybe even some great prizes. However, these tournaments will only be available if you’re in a Clan, so if you aren’t,find one and join up!

Each tournament will be divided into the following phases:

Announcement Team registration Tournament bracket and schedule preparation Tournament battles and new schedule preparation depending on the winners (this step is repeated for each stage in the tournament) Tournament end and award distribution

Note that tournaments won’t begin immediately after the release of Update 3.1, but keep your eyes on the News section for the announcement of the first event!

How to Participate

A new “Tournaments” button will appear in the Garage after the game updates, and that’ll be your hub for registering and accessing information about tournaments. There won’t be much to see at first, but once the first tournament begins, you can dive in.

Tap “Participate” to begin creating a team for your Clan. Note that the team creator will be the team captain and has the power to invite Clanmates to the team and arrange who participates in a battle. Use the “Invite” button to add Clan members to your team. Tap “Register” to set up your team. Standard team composition is seven regular players and three reserve players, but the reserve players are optional. Before battle, the team captain decides who will be a regular player and who’s in reserve.  Use the “Matches” tab to track your tournament schedule. You’ll find your battle schedule and battle history under this tab, so use it to plan and coordinate with your team.

Don’t forget your tournament schedule! Set an alarm to remind yourself when you need to log in and get ready for your match.

Tournament Details There’s no limit to how many teams from a single Clan can participate in a tournament, but each tournament has a limit of 1,024 teams. After registering your team, you won’t be able to change the team name or roster. If you have to make a change, you can cancel your registration and create a new team, but you might lose your spot. Five minutes before a tournament match, each team member will receive an invite to the battle. If you don’t see your invite, navigate to the “Tournaments” tab under the “News” menu — your invite will be there! Battles will start automatically according to the schedule. Before then, make sure that number of players selected by your team captain complies with the tournament rules, the vehicles comply with tournament rules, and all players have tapped the “Ready” button. Failure to do so may result in your team receiving a technical defeat.

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