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Double checking if the powdery sugar from a mysterious British cake I ate not long ago wasn’t another type of powder…*dips finger and licks* Nope, its sugar alright! I’m not tripping guys! :’D

Will make this as short as possible:

World of Tanks team just announced a new game event called  “Armageddon“. Basically you gonna have to defeat an evil empire force and “pew pew” down a “Belluzzo Wheels” UFO.
Once you seize the UFO you will be granted access to a hidden area called “New Swabia” where the Imperial forces are preparing their relocation to the new Global Map (Spaceports and supply reactors at your disposal to blow up!).

If you succeed and after the Michael Bay action and explosions (damn, glad J.J. Abrams was only a writer in the Armageddon movie) you will be earning… *Sound Effect* the IS-5 (Object 730) painted with a special unique camouflage, lets hope its not like the WGL one on the AMX 13 57!

They were also kind enough to give the chance to all the participants to purchase 6500 IS-5 (Object 730).

If you are interested everything will be explained in more detail here: http://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/pc-browser/cw/clan-wars-event-armageddon-2015/

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