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Clan Wars, Created by Players
2016-06-21 19:00:00 / News

On World of Tanks for PC, Clan Wars is a high-level competition where the top Clans battle it out for supremacy on a global map. We don’t have anything quite like that for Blitz, but some of our intrepid players took it upon themselves to create their own Clan Wars, and it turned out incredible!

1,800 tanks among 50 Clans took part in over 500 battles, marking a huge success. If you’re looking for more details, we’d encourage you to read all about it on the forums. But, before you ask: Yes, there will be another one!

Read on for an interview with some of the people behind this epic competition, but first we’d like to give a shout out to all of the players who worked tirelessly to pull this thing together:





Development Team


Interview Who came up with the idea? What was the catalyst for it to go from an idea to this awesome event?

Mike82198: Shawk and SkiFletch came up with the idea and reached out to the forum community for feedback and a Discord group was started. What set us on track toward a map was a pretend game, with SGM_Zorbaz drawing on a piece of paper and rolling dice to determine attack outcomes… Shawk defeated me in the last turn. We came up with a rule framework on the fly that with a few tweaks has stayed with us. We started working on the backend with Hardy leading, and [we] were given a huge push when o7o7 created a beautiful map – that got everyone excited, and to me was the “point of no return.”

How many Clans participated?

SkiFletch: We had 51 Clans register and we estimate about 1,800 tankers are actively engaged. Each “Turn Declaration” post on the forums has over 5,000 views.

What were some unforeseen challenges?

HardyRekshin: The biggest challenge by far has been data! We knew that doing this manually would be data-intensive, but didn’t expect the overwhelming response that we received. A quick example: The first round attacks were determined based on the post-order in the forum. We did not expect six clans to submit their attacks within one second of the attack window being open, or the uproar that followed.

What was the most unexpected thing that happened?

o7o7: It was definitely the massive response we received from the Blitz community, even internationally. It’s great to see your stuff on the EU and Russian forums and your maps in their videos!

Can we expect to see another Clan Wars? If so, are you planning on changing anything?

Shawk: Absolutely! We have always called this project “Clan Wars 1” because we know we had something real going on that we wanted to build on. We’ll be looking at feedback for Clan Wars 1 and reviewing what worked and what didn’t work. We will be surveying participants on the forum and opening a thread for feedback and suggestions. There will likely be some map and rules reworks to eliminate some chokepoints and balance all of the regions — but the biggest change will be in the automation of the attack declarations and battle reporting. The Council would definitely be interested in any willing software developers!

How do Clans get into the next Clan Wars? Do you need more help?

ChaosAscending: Watch the World of Tanks Blitz Forum for announcements, as that is our primary means of communication with the Blitz community. Please also join the Clan Wars Discord channel, which is open to all. We are looking to begin Clan Wars 2 around late July of 2016 and would be delighted to have even more participants. We are also looking for those with the time, talent and commitment to contribute to Clan Wars 2 in leadership roles.

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