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Clan Wars II is Coming
2016-08-09 17:00:00 / News

The first player-run Clan Wars event was a big success (read our report), so the dedicated folks behind it are moving forward with a bigger event! Clan Wars II: Rise of the Fearless will have more Clans and more battles, so grab your Clanmates and get ready for war!

Dates to Know Registration Opens August 9

SIGN UP HERE – The first 200 Clans to register are guaranteed a spot!

League Selection Opens August 16 Turn 1 Begins August 23 Winners Announced November 16 The Basics

Clans: You must be part of a Clan to participate in this event. Sign up with your Clan using the link above before August 23!

Leagues: Clans are divided into leagues by their max tier and the max number of players per team in battle. Only one Clan (i.e., Clan tag) may participate in each league.

Turns: Each turn lasts seven days.

In each league, Clans battle over tile spaces on the world map. The more tiles you control and the more battles you win, the more points you’ll earn.

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