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Clan Wars II: Winners & Wrap Up
2016-10-31 16:14:00 / News

The second run of the massive fan-run Clans Wars competition is over — here’s our report.

Clan Wars II Official Winners List Clan Wars II Facts Players who participated in at least one battle: 2,184
Battles fought: 2,074
Clans that participated: 270

The turnout for Clan Wars II was nothing short of impressive! To get some insight into the event and its future, we asked the organizers.

How did CW2 compare to CW1?

o7o7: Clan Wars II was almost seven times the size of the original Clan Wars. The only way we were able to handle the sheer volume of data (which included battle declarations, map updates, scores, Elo ratings and more) was through our new automated website. Just like with the Clan Wars, we learned a whole lot in Clan Wars II, which we’ll take forward into future Clan Wars.

Who played Clan Wars, and who won?

Dixie_Flyer: We had 18 different leagues of competitive Clans. Each week Clans would put in several hours of training and hard work to prepare for the upcoming battles. The Clans that won were [those] with the best training and the best strategies.

What was your favorite part about Clan Wars II?

_Kairos: The enthusiasm and community. Because of the new features Wargaming added, we can now stream and record battles. You can see all of these on our Discord channel or on the forums. I’m excited to see what comes next!

What can we expect for Clan Wars III? 

Hardy_R: We have several changes planned for both the [competition] and the website:

Tweaking the registration to vet and filter out “AFK” Clans. Making registration open, so all Clans can see ahead of time which league they are joining. Rebalancing the scoring system so Clans have the best chance of making a comeback from an early loss.  Adding Supremacy mode. We’re very open to your feedback, and ask that all suggestions for improvement are sent to our feedback page. You can vote for ideas, so we can better tell what matters most to the community. Clan Wars is a ton of work; what keeps you going?

ChaosAscending: The Council members have hundreds of hours invested into Clan Wars. We, and the Clan Wars community in general, are all extremely competitive and love (and sometimes loathe) the game. The drive to spend our time and energy comes from a desire to enhance the competitive nature of the game for both ourselves and the community at large.

How can tankers get more involved?

SGM_zorbaz: Tankers who are interested in joining the mayhem should join Clans who are planning on competing in the next event. We have leagues for all skill levels. Clans should also consider recruiting players who have tanks of the league tier the Clan is considering. It’s a thrilling thing to see weeks of hard work come to fruition in a series of hard fought battles. For players and Clans, good places to find beneficial strategic conversations about Clan Wars are the World of Tanks Blitz Forums or the CWNA Discord Server.

The Clan Wars II Council


Clan Wars Umpires


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