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On Global map not a day has been simmering war in which the strongest clans fighting for land and gold, as well as the prestige and place in clan ranking .

Read more about all current developments in this uncompromising struggle can be found in the video review, which produced the clan


[R-SR] ‘Rising star’ .

It is worth noting that the representatives of the strongest clans Global maps and best kibersportsmeny currently trying to find out who among them is stronger in the next tournament absolute format .

Another clan tournament absolute size

Third Day Fighting continues in the tournament “The absolute superiority: Siege” . The strongest clans in four time zones are fighting for a way out of the qualifying stage and for a significant prize pool, which total more than 5500000 .

Total in this tournament, the fourth in the series, participate without 45,000 small players in the 2288 teams.

All week will go qualification matches, and 24 of the top teams get into the server group stage matches which will be broadcast in the next Sunday, on 22 February.

It is worth noting that a few favorites of the tournament, such as team Clan RED and one of the teams Clan SPYD , were disqualified in the first round of the tournament for gross violation of his Regulations .

February for all fans of the game clan extremely eventful and innovations. In the clan community to continue active life, and we present a brief overview of the events that occurred in the last two weeks.

Martial reserves “fortified area”


B “fortified area” more and more and more clans master new structure that can provide a significant advantage in battle.

Artillery Battalion


produces reserve “Shelling” using which the said commander square card covers dense artillery fire with the use of high-explosive shells.

The effect of this provision is similar to the action of the ACS. Shells fly from its base and go to an angle of about 50 °, causing damage, injury identical to the standard ammunition from the arsenal of ACS.

Number of shells, their strength and the dispersion of fragments depends on the level of the building in which the reserve was produced.

Bomber Regiment


Produces reserve “Airstrike”, allowing the commander to call the Il -2, which inflict a blow on the specified area cumulative anti-bombs (PTAB).

Action PTAB in this type of provision is different from the impact of artillery. Plane going to the target, throws bombs at an angle of 90 °, ie vertically than provide ammunition to hit vulnerabilities tanks. In addition, the right angle entry bombs allows for provision for cover behind buildings and terrain to the enemy.

Damage caused by bombs, and their number per sortie depend on the level of the building in which the provision was made.

Introduction new features in the “fortified area” has expanded the possibility of using different tactics in combat and allows you to successfully deal with barricaded in a dense defense clans. Examples of the use of fighting reserves can be seen in the special issue “Strategy for Victory” .

Clan job on the Global Map

combat mission has recently been possible perform not only in random battles. For all the clans that are fighting on the Global Map, were special clan job doing that young clans will be able to earn gold in the treasury of the clan, and experienced fighters Global Map – a unique camouflage, lettering and logos on their technique, which will significantly stand out and prove their level of combat skills.

At the moment, there are two types of jobs clan: Scenarios and expedition.

Script – sequence of a variety of tasks that can be started performed immediately after the creation of the clan. A new job script clan gains by following the previous one. When this script is a “tree”: at certain moments, you can choose from several options, which, in turn, lead to a separate chain of problems.

Examples of scenario tasks:

  • dial a certain amount of experience in the battles for the landing;
  • win the landings 10 clans
  • capture from landing or insurrection province with incomes above 960 ,
  • capture 3 provinces and hold them for 72 moves.

Expedition – linear chain clan tasks which run directly on Global map . At each step of the expedition clan should not later than the specified time to capture a certain province. After the assignment clan has a chance to get the following, with greater reward. However, the continuation is not guaranteed, and if the chance is not dropped, the mission ends.

Frequently asked questions about the clan tasks

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