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Dear players!

Headquarters is pleased to announce the first exhibition match of the new series Clash Series . Clash Series – is a modified approach to show battles and a higher level of spectacular battles in the format of a new battle command.

While Wargaming.net League prepares for the start of the third season in the updated command-fights, we decided to entertain fans of eSports new shows and see what to expect from the best players in World of Tanks in the near future.

In the first match Clash Series November 22 will meet leading the team in recent seasons League – Natus Vincere and Unity . Broadcast started – at 19:00 Moscow time.

The closest match is informal and let the friendly character, but, in fact, would be in some sense a revenge for the final in Moscow. This is a chance for Na`Vi show that the defeat in the final of the last season was an unfortunate oversight, and in any case does not grow into a rule.

Recall that both teams are the main newsmakers offseason. For the first time in several years the world champions held large-scale reshuffle: composition left several players, in their place, the camp’s main competitor came TheAnatolich and Rino , and the best captain in the history of the game aka Dmitry Repin de1uxe is now the manager of the team.

After the departure of key players Unity not sitting idle for a long time and have filled up the composition of the strong players M1ND and Schoolbus . Which team won conducted by permutations? The answer we get on November 22 in the first match of the updated teams!

Unity : Dyador , Lucique , Bullkin , Max_san , Near_You , NesKwi , Lolwo , Kamaek .

Na`Vi : Kirilloid , Straik , Inspirer , LeBwa , SL1DE , TheAnatolich , Rino .

The basic rules
  • 7 on 7.
  • “Attack / Defense” with two bases .
  • The number of points of the art – 54.

  • The match consists of 8 major battles (maximum) on two cards.
  • On a map, each team plays two first battle in the attack, and then the defense.
  • The winner is the team that has won more fights than the opposing team.
  • With an equal number won the round winner is automatically determined by the terms of the tie-break.
  • Available maps “Himmelsdorf”, “Prokhorovka”, “Ruinberg”, “Cliff”, “Steppe”, “Murovanka.”
  • consists of a decisive battle in the “Attack / Defense” with two bases.
  • plays under the condition of equality between the teams after the main two cards.
  • team had won the fastest victory in the match in attack, selects the side.
  • If in the course of the match, no one won, while in an attacking role, the parties to choose the team, who inflicted the greatest amount of damage per game.
  • Maps Thai -breyka may be different.

Participants of the impending battle for a new competitive format

Vladislav Kanaev aka NesKwi rookie team Unity :

I really liked the format with two bases. The fighting became more interesting, increased diversity of the techniques and tactics. I am confident that the new regime of team fights attract a large number of players in tournament mode will play a lot of soldiers. I have no doubt that the new format of e-sports tank must be fully justified. All games will be more dynamic and exciting.


Dmitry Palaschenko aka LeBwa team player Na`Vi :

Finally, in the tournament mode appears “Attack / Defense.” With this mode will no longer draws, and the audience in any way they see an attack on one of the teams during the fight. Of course, this is a huge plus for entertainment. And the players do not have to sit more over and over again in defense and play in tournaments will be interesting. Since the defending team will have two bases, it will add a variety of tactics for both teams.

Read more about eSports new format .

Information about players online WGLeague updated before the start of the season 2014 III.

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