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Club Wargaming Guides: Medium Tanks
2015-08-12 15:53:00 / Guides

Thanks to the recommendations of Club Wargaming member jensen215_, we’ve got three great guides to help you battle in medium tanks!

The Medium Mindset

Jensen215_‘s guide breaks down playing as a medium tank into three different strategies and includes lots of general tips and things to keep in mind!

Medium Tanks Driving Guide

Bushka On Blitz‘s video guide is as comprehensive as it is entertaining. Don’t be put off by it’s 40-minute running time, because there’s a lot to learn! Covered topics include camouflage and how to use it, spotting, and working with a teammate.

AWACS Tank Guides: Centurion Mk. 1

Club Wargamer EdAWACSdenyY has written a fantastic guide that covers one of the more challenging medium tanks, the tier VIII Centurion Mk. 1. If you’re interested in the tank or have it in your Garage, this guide provides the stats, strategies and equipment to help you succeed with it!

What’s Club Wargaming?

Club Wargaming is a program we’ve set up to help support those of you who take the time and effort to help the community. This can come in many forms; ranging being a positive member on the forums, to making videos or creating helpful guides for new players. The point of Club Wargaming is to help celebrate those of you who have a passion for our game and strive to make it the best it can be! For more information, click below:

Club Wargaming Forum

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