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Club Wargaming Guides: Tank Destroyers
2015-08-19 15:53:00 / Guides

Thanks to the recommendations of Club Wargaming member EdAWACSdenyY, we’ve got three great guides to help you fight the enemy from afar in tank destroyers!

AWACS Tank Guides: Ferdinand

Club Wargamer EdAWACSdenyY has written another great guide on another iconic vehicle, the German tier VIII Ferdinand. In addition to some historical context, this detailed guide includes all of the stats, strategies and equipment recommendations that you need to succeed!

MrUnipotato’s guide to the Obj 268!

Unitater’s guide to the devastating Soviet tier X Object 268 tank destroyer is short, sweet and explosively cool. Along with a quick overview of the tank’s history, he discusses the vehicle’s strengths and stats before jumping into a discussion on tactics and equipment tailored to several different playstyles.

Alexbuildit’s Guide to the Jagdtiger

Alexbuildit jumps back to the Germans with an excellent guide on the fearsome tier IX Jagdtiger tank destroyer. Similar in format to the aforementioned guides, Alexbuildit’s offering starts with a brief historical overview of the Jagdtiger before launching his own rating system, breaking down each of the vehicle’s attributes on a scale from 1 to 10, and explaining his reasoning for each rating. As a finale, he offers some great advice on equipment choices and how to play this tank destroyer effectively.

What’s Club Wargaming?

Club Wargaming is a program we’ve set up to help support those of you who take the time and effort to help the community. This can come in many forms; ranging being a positive member on the forums, to making videos or creating helpful guides for new players. The point of Club Wargaming is to help celebrate those of you who have a passion for our game and strive to make it the best it can be! For more information, click below:

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