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Collection Bundle
2017-10-20 10:00:00 / Events
a 32 locust pz

These vehicles are rarely seen in battles, but they’re always fun to take into a fight. Low-tier heroes have arrived in the in-game store for four days only:

The fast A-32 with impressive damage output The speedy M22 Locust, a ubiquitous and stinging scout The cool-headed trophy Hotchkiss with all-round 40mm armor at Tier II

Add these rare and cool tanks to your collection!

Available through 27 October 3:00 (PT), 6:00 (ET):

Collection Bundle:

 А-32  M22 Locust  Pz.Kpfw. 38H 735 (f)  3 slots in the Garage  3 days of Premium Account 1000.

Bundle cost: $14.99.


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