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The success of the clan is unthinkable without effective communication. Wargaming wants to help you with this and extends the functionality of the portal clan: Clan page will soon be available bulletin board. This is a handy tool to bring to all the players of your clan important information or call them to action.

Clan board – internal communication tool, that is, unauthorized users and players who are not in your clan will not be able to view it.

Management Board

Create ads can those members of the clan, whose position requires such powers. This unit commander, staff officer, deputy commander and commander of the clan. The following table details the various players are given the right to work with the message board.

Rule Position
Any member of Clan unit commander Staff Officer
and above
Deputy Commander
and above
Access to the bulletin board, list of ads Yes Yes Yes Yes
Creating, editing, deleting ads No Yes Yes Yes
See ads in the archive, backup ads, delete and restore archived ads No Yes Yes Yes
Changing the order of ads No No No Yes

Browse ads

Go to the page of the clan, the participants will receive a special unit, which displays the three most recent announcement.

If the clan has more than three published announcements, the rest can be seen by clicking on the squares on the cell advertisement. Color square informs whether there are unread ads on the page.

Доска объявлений в профиле клана

Clan members have the opportunity to go to the announcement page by clicking on “All ads”, and may also be available to them to view the ad by clicking on them with the left mouse button. Unread ads visually isolated by golden brown background and yellow triangle in the upper left corner. After the player has opened and closed the announcement, its status is changed to “read”, and the background color turns gray.

Creating Ads

To create a new announcement, click on the icon in the form of yellow plus. You can create ads in the block “Bulletin board” and on the page “All the ads.”

Создание объявления

The interface ad creation following elements are present:

  • text field (you can enter up to 1000 characters)
  • choice of users who will be seen ads:
    • all players clan;
    • only command structure (the unit commander, staff officer, deputy commander, commander)
  • selection date by which the ad will be displayed. By default, this period is 30 days.

Справка по форматированию текста

When creating and editing the ad, you can highlight text in bold or italic, and add links. To do this, use the special tags, proof of which is called the left button under the text entry field.

At the same time the clan can be no more than 15 published announcements.


When you edit ads can access the same functions as when it was created. Edited remains classified in the same place on the list, but it gets the status of “unread”.


Clan member with the appropriate permissions can permanently remove ads, and move it to the archive (see. Below).

Опубликованное объявление

List of ads

The deputy commander and commander of the clan have an opportunity to change the order of your list, just drag and drop. This will attract the attention of the clan to certain information.


After creating a new ad clan members for which it is intended (all or part of a team) will receive a special alert about it. The message will appear in a special interface, which will be introduced in all the official websites at the same time the message board. Link included in the message, the recipient will be able to go directly to the ad.


Ads publication deadline has expired, are automatically placed in an archive. Players can always see the date when a particular ad will be moved to the archive.

On the same page is displayed in the archive is not more than 20 ads, a maximum limit on the number of pages is not.

You can archive messages independently, if a player has such authority. Archiving will be useful, for example, if you already have 15 active ads, but you want to add a new one. In addition, the archive can be used as a repository of sample ads that can later be restored and reused.

The ads are in the archive, you can also remove all the legal right.

members are not endowed with the appropriate privileges, can not get into the archive.

The launch of the new features we announced. Follow the news!

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