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Team World of Tanks announced soon the beginning of the game event “Armageddon.” Military campaigns, secret technology, hidden areas and hot battle – all this you will be on your way to the main goal – the victory over the world evil.

World Events “Armageddon” will start on June 11 and will last 11 days.
detailed rules and timetable of the end of the world will be published later.

The world of the Global map, as we know it is doomed. Above him loomed the threat of imminent disaster, which put an end to the protracted four-year all-out war. This disaster threatens to destroy all the inhabitants of the Global map – clans World of Tanks.

There is only one way to survive – to find a new habitat for the world, a new global map.

However, none of the clan does not possess the necessary technology to reach new habitats. But there is a solution! According to secret data once mighty and terrible, but prostrate many years ago Evil Empire has the necessary knowledge and technology to move between worlds.

As it became known throughout the world there are numerous more covert bases Empire storing a unique technologies and inventions. One of these inventions – aircraft to reach the modern science of physical principles, called Disk Belutstso.

The object of the clans will search and seizure and delivery Belutstso drive them to a hidden area – New Swabia, where the undefeated Imperial forces are the final preparations in front of his journey to the new global map. For this campaign, they have built a secret spaceport and supply its reactors. Clans necessary to capture these secret facilities, destroying the remains of the imperial forces!

Coming game event is based on a system consisting of milestone tasks that each clan will receive individually. The success in the implementation of these tasks will depend on the final result.

major trophies will battle with the Empire unique premium tank VIII level of IP-5 [1,999,015] [1,999,012] (“Object 730”) in a special camouflage [1,999,016]. In addition, the best fighters will be awarded a unique medal, and all the clans, participants will be able to replenish its coffers gaming clan gold that they will produce, capturing and holding the province on the map of the event.

during the game event “Armageddon” will be available in two global maps: one – specially designed for the event, the second – the current standard rules.

Throughout the game event at the clans will be able to switch from one card to another global or leave the card at all.

Awards and achievements

As in previous events and campaigns for participating clans Fame Points are rewarded, and the players will earn points personal glory.

The main prize of “Armageddon” will be 10,000 premium tanks VIII level of IP-5 [1,999,015] (“Object 730”) with a unique camouflage and clan emblems. The tanks will be distributed to the best players of the best clans on the basis of an event.

Camouflage on the prize tank is universal for all types of cards: summer, winter and desert. Designed exclusively for the EC-5. By kamufyazhu attached:

  • “Guards” – a sign that the technique was applied to the Guards units of the Red Army and later;
  • “Elephant” – a tactical sign the 14th Guards Mechanized Brigade; [1,999,092 ]
  • Tactical number of the machine.

For more information about the JS-5 here. [1,999,007]

Given the increased interest in the tank, we will provide the participants, not on the list the list of the top 10,000, the opportunity to purchase 20 000 JS-5 for game gold. Thus, the total number of winners who will receive the tank will expand from 10 000 to 30 000.

[1,999,008] system for issuing “gold” prize will be changed compared to previous events. Being able to get the game gold will have a much larger number of clans. How will it be:

  • Yield provincial maps, running on standard rules will be considerably reduced, freeing up the gold will be directed to a map of the event.
  • All provinces Card event will bring the same amount of game gold, and the total income of the cards in a day will significantly exceed the usual value.

As a result, more clans participating in the event will have the opportunity to earn substantial amounts of gold a game.

In the gaming event ” Armageddon “clans will be able to win a unique medal.

” Finder »I degree


“last soldier war “


“Finder» II degree


“Top Secret”


“Finder» III degree




“Knight Apocalypse”


Conditions for obtaining medals will be published in the regulations of the event. Stay tuned!

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