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Soon: Mäuschen, Wolverine and Pershing in high quality



We offer a look at the screenshots model tank M & auml; uschen, which is waiting for you in the coming updates.

M & auml; uschen, also known as “Mouse”, existed solely in the drawings . However, experts from the Wargaming tried to depict the tank makismalnaya realistic – as if he, as befits any tank, went and fought.

The model M & auml; uschen on the body there are abrasions to the red primer (their many mistaken for rust ), traces of hits, chips, oil and fuel streaks and even dust.

Particular attention is paid to developers nature of the metal of the tank. If you look at the invoice, you can see: M & auml; uschen assembled from thick sheets of rolled armor, interspersed with a few cast and forged parts. On this background is milled gun barrel.

Although the “Mouse” was not embodied in the metal, you can imagine that its manufacturing method would be the same as that of the actually existing German technology. Hence the widespread cuts armor plating, welding, imposed in several passes, the line milling, as well as various casting defects.

In addition, your attention – new models a familiar technology made in high quality.

Even more information on future innovations can be found in the “In development” .

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