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Community Update: Two New Contests!
2015-12-14 19:30:45 / News
Janken Medal Contest

To celebrate the launch of the new Japanese line we’re running a contest based on Janken – the Japanese equivalent of Rock-Paper-Scissors. To participate, you need to earn one of three medals (“Steel Wall,” “Sniper” or “Patrol Duty”) and then post a screenshot of your battle report to the forum thread in such a way that you beat the preceding post. If one of your qualifying battle reports includes the medal that ultimately wins, you score 250! For full instructions and details on how to play, please visit the Janken Medal Contest thread!

 Hype 59 Club Wargaming Video Contest

We recently challenged our Club Wargamer’s to create a Hype 59-themed video, but we’re calling on you to decide to winner! The entries are listed below, so after you’ve finished watching them please scroll down and vote for your favorite!

Entries KimJongSpoon’s Video
dimzzy’s Video alexbuildit’s Video TheFluffyPinkPenguin’s Video

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