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You can calculate how much damage inflicted by enemy technology, when the interface is disabled? Try it!

Objective: Guess how much damage was caused by enemy’s technique by viewing video fight (written off with the interface).
[1,999,002] Important conditions of the competition:
answer you need to leave special topic at .
Be sure to include your nickname in the response.

On account must be at least 500 battles.
The winner will be the one who calls the number closest to this effect.
Total of winners will be three.
Players who participated in the battle in the video, it is forbidden to take part in the competition, as well as to report the amount of the damage.

C April 23 to May 1 at 21:00 MSK.
[1,999,002] Awards: *
1 place – 1500 game gold.
2nd place – 1000 game gold.
3rd place – 500 gaming gold.
[1,999,033] * If the winner is one place more than one, the prize is awarded to the earlier sent a reply .

Competition is supported by the administration of “World of Tanks”

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