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Made at the request of several interested players from the Czechoslovak community, who actually got lost in all the recent changes.


Right. So, this proposal includes the medium and heavy premium candidates. What is missing:

– clones (well, T-40/75 is very borderline)
– a bunch of lowtier stuff
– LT, TD premiums

The most likely first vehicle to come is the T 40 premium medium tank, which is either tier 6 or tier 7 stuff (I think tier 6, but some in Wargaming would like to bump it to tier 7 with some – unhistorical – buffs, not exactly the best outcome).


Weight: 40 tons
Engine: 700hp
Max.speed: 50 km/h
Armor – hull: 65/40/30
Armor – turret: 65/40/40
Gun: 88mm PLK Vz.37 (L/56  from Tiger I, depression -5/+20)

Tiers 1-6 of this branch can be found here, although there are two changes: T-24 has two turrets (early, late), T-25 as well (historical, based on archive materials). Other than that, it’s mostly historical.

Tier 7-10′s got changed around a bit, so here’s a summary:

Tier 7 – T-34/100


Weight: 34,5 tons
Engines: V-2-34 (493 hp, 14,29 hp/t), V-2-34M (500 hp, 14,49 hp/t)
Max.speed: 54 km/h

Armor (hull): 45/45/40
Turrets: Varianta II, Varianta I
Armor (turret, stock): 80/75/52
Armor (turret, elite): 92/75/52

Guns: 85mm Vz.44S (S-53 in the game), 100mm Vz.44S (D-10T in the game, poor depression -3/+20)

Tier 8 – TVP Concept


Weight: 33 tons
Engines: Škoda Diesel (660hp, 20 hp/t), Škoda 16 ADH 140 (700hp, 21,2 hp/t)
Max.speed: 50 km/h

Armor (hull): 65/40/30
Turrets: VTU I, VTU II (or T 40)
Armor (turret, stock): 65/40/30
Armor (turret, elite): 65/40/30 (or 65/40/40)

Guns: PLK Vz.37 (88mm L/56 Tiger gun, -12/+30 depression), 88mm PLK Vz.41 (88mm L/74), 105mm PLK Vz.39 (105mm L/63)

Tier 9 – T 50


Weight: 40 tons
Engines: V-2 (500 hp, 12,5 hp/t), Škoda 16AH148 (750 hp, 18,75 hp/t), Praga AXK (1000 hp, 25 hp/t)
Max.speed: 60 km/h

Armor (hull): 65/40/40
Turrets: T 50, T 50/51
Armor (turret, stock): 100/100/100
Armor (turret, elite): 112/84/84

Guns: 100mm A20 (L/64,7, cca 210mm pen, -5/+20), 100mm R11 (L/80, cca 230mm pen, -5/+20), 100mm AK1 (L/55, cca 265 pen, -8/+20)

Tier 10 – T 50/51


Weight: 40 tons
Engines: Škoda AHK (1000hp, 25 hp/t)
Max.speed: 60 km/h

Armor (hull): 93/75/40
Armor (turret): 112/84/84

Gun: 100mm AK1 (autoloaded, L/55, cca 265 pen, -8/+20, gold penetration comparable to gold Soviet HEAT, eg. 330 or so)

So, that is the current state of the Czechoslovak tree. I hope it clears some confusion as to the current state of things. We’ll just have to see.

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