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On the Asian server started action farewell to the following preferential Prize – TOG II, T14, FCM36 PaK40, Panther / M10. In connection with this sale comes in a single package of this technique


Conclusion TOG II, Panther M10, FCM 36 Pak 40 already confirmed Storm-ohm, now it looks like in this list and enter T14

PS A little the developer’s reply

– AMX ELC renamed ELC bis, so this historic name
– Perk “The Sixth Sense” is remade later – Somua S35 can bring in the 9.7
– Historical battles do, but when they come back – is unclear.
– Prem TT France Somua SM postponed due to lack of information on the tank
– Storm says model Conqueror and the E-100 is very different from the actual measurements
– FPS drop, which was on the 1st test 9.7 corrected

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