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April 12, 1961 – one of the important dates in the history of the world. On this day the spacecraft for the first time in the history of mankind ascended into orbit with a man on board. The development team congratulates World of Tanks players with the 54th anniversary of this great event. We wish you good health, sense of purpose and success!

In honor of the Day of Cosmonautics in World of Tanks held a special event, with conditions which can be found here . We also offer links to interesting thematic materilov:

Chronicle of the first flight into space
in photos


On the first rocket Baikonur construction and many other events and people that make April 12, 1961, the first manned space flight

Orbital cabs.
4 ways to deliver cargo into space


In addition to all the familiar multistage rockets there are other ways to get to the Earth’s orbit. Some of them are not that fantastic as it may seem at first glance

Cosmodrome in eyewitness

7 quotes about the construction of the world’s largest spaceport

Documentary “First Orbit”

Its creators have tried to reproduce the first space flight of Yuri Gagarin’s eyes

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